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KLN, Hong Kong
Basic information:

The STK-07 rail track slider is developed for producing stabilized footage. The slider is made with good quality metals with non-reflective black anodized finishing providing smooth sliding and long lasting durability. Legs are completely adjustable in different angles for achieving horizontal movement; it can be mounted on a tripod vertically as a crane, or on two tripods for more flexibility. The stop brake system allows an immediate stop of the platform plate. Available in three sizes of lengths 100cm, 120cm and 150cm. STK-07 is a well designed lightweight unit which is ideal for outdoor, it also comes with a nice nylon kit bag for easy carriage.

Thanks to the noise-free bearing system working well with rail track, you can hardly hear any noise generated during the sliding. The track dolly supports with standard 3/8” mounted fluid heads, and it can take on a weight of 10 lbs.
- 3/8” male thread on the platform plate -Height adjustable
- carrying bag
- Bearing sliding rail (100/120/150cm)
Product number:STK-07

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